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Index to "The Jackdaw's Nest"

Someone asked for an index of posts to my Jackdaw's Nest blog. It proved far too cumbersome and time-consuming to post separate links to all 80+ posts, so I've provided the dates; if you go down the left-hand margin of the blog, you'll see "Archives" arranged by month, and you can click on the relevant month to access whatever posts are listed for that month.

Individual Poets (2005 - 2006):
12/23/05 Henrik Nordbrandt (Denmark)
12/24/05 Miroslav Holub (Czechslovakia)
12/27/05 Lorna Goodison (Jamaica)
12/30/05 Marin Sorescu (Romania)
1/03/06 Lorna Goodison II (Jaimaca)
1/07/06 Chairil Anwar (Indonesia)
1/11/06 Tasrima Nasrin (Bangladesh)
1/14/06 Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresan (Portugal)
1/19/06 Vasko Popa (Serbia)
1/25/06 Anna Swir (Poland)
1/30/06 Shu Ting (China)
2/07/06 Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Pakistan)
2/14/06 Carlos Drummond de Andrade (Brazil)
2/17/06 Christopher Okigbo (Nigeria)
2/21/06 Tadeusz Rozewicz (Poland)
3/05/06 Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine)
3/11/06 Gyorgy Petri (Hungary)
3/20/06 Claribel Alegria (Nicaragua)
6/04/06 Shuntaro Tanikawa (Japan)
6/14/06 Nijole Miliauskaite (Lithuania)


8/13/06 An Onion Bouquet
8/18/06 A Short Collection of Short Canadian Poems
9/08/06 A Baker's Dozen of Canadian Sonnets
10/04/06 A Small Petting Zoo of Animal Poems
10/14/06 Some October Poems
10/31/06 Some November Poems
11/13/06 Poems With Red In Them
11/17/06 Some Long, Skinny Poems
11/30/06 Some December Poems
12/15/06 Poems with Rain
12/31/06 Some January Poems

1/13/07 Some Ekphrastic Poems
3/11/07 Some Poems with the Moon in Them
3/30/07 Some "To" Poems
5/05/07 Some Canadian Poems with Birds
5/27/07 21 More Canadian Poems
6/02/07 Some Poems from Prize-Winning Collections
6/11/07 Some Poems I've Liked Recently
7/03/07 Some Poems by Canadian Women
7/21/07 Some More Poems I've Liked Recently
8/04/07 12 Short Poems
8/09/07 20 Short Poems
10/04/07 Some Poems by Poets from the Caribbean
10/20/07 For Halloween: "Fungi from Yuggoth"
10/27/07 For Halloween II: "Sonnets of the Midnight Hours"
11/08/07 Some Poems with 3-Line Stanzas
11/17/07 Some Title Poems from Collections
12/11/07 Some Poems Translated from Other Languages
12/15/07 Some More Short Poems

1/11/08 A Dozen Poems I've Enjoyed
1/29/08 Two Short Poems by Mimi Khalvati
2/14/08 Some Poems by Poets from the U. K
3/05/08 Some Poems With One-Word Titles
3/17/08 Some Poems with Trees in Them
4/17/08 A Dozen Poems by Australian Poets
5/06/08 Another Dozen Poems I Like
5/30/08 Fifteen Sonnets
7/03/08 Some Poems with Gardens
7/23/08 Some Poems from First Collections
9/05/08 Some Poems About Love by Women
9/22/08 12 More Poems I've Liked
10/06/08 Some Poems with Assorted Fruit
10/15/08 Some Poems with Various Body Parts
11/04/08 Twenty Four-Line Poems and Two More
11/29/08 Twenty Poems by Poets for Other Poets
12/08/08 Against the Dark: Some Poems with Light for the Winter Solstice

1/01/09 Some Poems I Liked in 2008
1/22/09 Some Poems with Bugs in Them
2/09/09 Twelve 12-Line Poems
2/16/09 Some Seaside Poems
3/01/09 Some Poems Fewer Than 10 Lines Long
3/09/09 Some Poems by Poets of Diverse Origins
3/20/09 Some Poems with Titles Beginning with the Letter "P"
3/25/09 Twelve More 12-Line Poems
4/17/09 Twelve Poems with Stars In Them
5/07/09 Some Short Poems
5/15/09 More Poems by Caribbean Poets
6/02/09 Fourteen Sonnets
6/18/09 Twelve 3-Line Poems
7/08/09 Twenty Poems with Numbers in Them
8/12/09 Twelve Assorted Poems
9/01/09 Twelve Nature Poems
9/10/09 Twelve 3-Line Poems: Round 3
9/23/09 Fifteen Autumn Poems
10/07/09 Twelve Short Canadian Poems

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